Rental Conditions





Our rental customers are required to have a credit card issued on their behalf during the rental period. A pre-provision of at least 500 TL for economic group vehicles and at least 750 TL for medium and upper group vehicles may be blocked from this credit card, depending on the group of the vehicle they are renting. (At least 1000 TL provision is blocked from two different credit cards for Mercedes Benz C series and above, BMW 3 series and above vehicles.) These reported figures are the minimum amounts, the vehicle's name, etc. According to the criteria office authorities can block a higher figure. At least 15 or 20 days after the end of your lease, the bank will be informed in writing to remove the blocks. You do not have to pay the bank because these blocks are not a sales transactıon

Driver's License:

-It is necessary to have at least 2 years of competency for all vehicle groups.

If you have your driver's license and your credit card with you, you can get the vehicle for the above prerequisites. You need to have a document showing that the non-Turkish citizens are 6 months shorter than the passport and entry date to Turkey. It is longer than 6 months. Our foreign customers in Turkey are required to show Turkish driver's license.

 -Price Conditions

 Prices and services included:

Insurance Liability (KASKO) Insurance; VAT amount

Kasko Insurance is included at all prices. The Casco Insurance covers damage in the event of a collision. If the insurance conditions are fulfilled, if the cop record or accident identification record is kept, damage resulting from the collision is not reflected in the customer. This fuse does not cover damage that is not in collision (parking, tire, glass, headlight).


In the following cases, the Insurance Benefit Coverage will be void and the damage will be excluded:

- The use of the vehicle by someone other than the name on the lease contract,
- If the vehicle is under normal operating conditions (such as driving with a high engine temperature, poor road conditions or walking on an inflated tire, false fuel filling, etc.)
- Use of the vehicle outside the traffic rules (exceeding legal speed limits, crossing into red light and other similar violations of the rules)
- Use of the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs,

- a cargo carried in the vehicle causes damage or accidents,
- Use of the vehicle carelessly and without precautions (no speed adjustment in road conditions in rainy weather, no monitoring of the vehicle ahead of the safety distance and other similar uses),
- The accident is not reported to the contact phones that will be given to the customer at the moment of a win or stolen situation, the vehicle is left at the accident site (except when it is a preventive situation determined by the doctor's report)
- Failure to obtain the necessary reports (traffic and alcohol report) within 48 hours from the relevant authorities in a traffic accident

- The original key can not be delivered if the car is stolen.
- The vehicle is not delivered without approval and the rental period has expired,
- damage to the vehicle or the other side due to loads carried inside the vehicle,
- Damage caused by rubber, glass or fuselage is not included in the Exemption Insurance. This guarantee can be purchased separately.
- The amount of the pecuniary damages arising from the damage given to the third parties is covered by the compulsory financial liability insurance coverage. The customer is responsible for the amounts outside the margin.

- The tenant has not already been responsible for the loss or damage of any property left in or on the vehicle after the lease has been refunded by the tenant or someone else within or before the tenancy of the lease, and the tenant has already acknowledged and pledged in advance .

- One Way Fee

If the car is rented at a different point than the stations specified or if it is required to be delivered, one way fare is applied. (Please do not worry about eligibility)

- Fuel
Vehicles are delivered with as much fuel as possible to go to the nearest gas station. If the vehicle is delivered to the full tank and returned to the charterer with incomplete storage fuel, the calculated fuel price will be charged from the tenant in addition to the additional 50 TL "Filling Service Fee". It will be much more economical for the lessee to deliver the fuel.

- Mini Damage Assurance

With this service, small damages such as paint correction, unpainted cover dent repair, interior floor repair, glass repair, etc., which are included in the insurance policy or its attachments, can be repaired at the services providing mini damage service by declaration up to 500 TL. A charge of 10 TL / day is charged for Mini Damage Assurance. The service you use will not affect your deductible deduction. It is beneficial for you to learn from the mini damage conditions written in your policy whether you can cover the damage caused by this service and to make your claims claims accordingly.

The HGS service fee used for passenger highway and bridge passes is charged 10 TL and HGS toll fee. . Rent is collected separately from the rented service fee
- Additional KM Package

According to the vehicle group you have selected, the daily mileage limit is applied. The mileage limit is calculated at 0.25 TL per kilometer. Our current mileage limit is as follows. You can purchase additional mileage packages by paying.











1 – 3 GÜN


4 – 7 GÜN


8 – 14 GÜN


15 – 30 GÜN




250 km extra package

                         55,00 TL

500 km extra package

                      100,00 TL

1000 km extra package

                      150,00 TL

 - Home delivery

The rental car is delivered and delivered from the rent a car office. Your rental car will be charged an additional fee depending on the region you requested for the adrese delivery.

- Second Drive

An additional charge of TL 10 per rental is required for each driver following the 1st drive to drive a rental car.

- Navigation

Rental vehicles can be navigated with an additional payment of 10 TL / day. If you specify during your reservation, our booking officers will inform you.

- Baby and Child Seat

Baby and child seat can be provided with an additional payment of 10 TL / day for rent vehicles. If you specify during your reservation, our booking officers will inform you.

- Change Requests for Tenancy Contract

The rental price and the booking confirmation given are based on the conditions initially agreed. Such a request may not be met when there is a possibility that a change that may be requested under these conditions is not operationally available (such as the reservation of the car, the arrival of the maintenance crew, etc.). Even if the amendment is accepted as a request, this may change the initial calculation of the price and may incur an additional fee or may not be refunded on early returns. A change in any of the following conditions may change rental conditions. Extension of rental period is requested by phone by AKM RENT ACAR call center and it is confirmed to be collected by mail order by renting a car office.

- Other Operational Extra

If you think you may need it during your journey, you can get information about the price and availability if you are responsible for booking our services

- Reservation Terms

Reservations made through our website are subject to the following conditions:

Information entries you make from our site are made in a secure environment. Following the completion of the booking you will receive an e-mail informing you that you have received the e-mail address stated in your reservation. You need to keep this e-mail, you will not be able to access this e-mail again on the site.

In case of inconsistency in reservation information such as price, vehicle group, rental dates, etc., DALAMAN AKM RENT ACAR records will be the basis. AKM RENT ACAR will not be held liable for spelling mistakes or possible missing information.

You may not be able to meet the demand for changing the reservation conditions you have made (request for return before or after the return date, change of the return station, change of the vehicle group, addition of the paddle additional driver), or you may be charged an additional fee or a discount on the rental price .

The boarding card can be questioned for renting from some airports.

All or some of the car rental price during reservation periods can be requested by either "mail order" or "account transfer" during or after the vehicle delivery.

In the case of cancellation of reservations made, there is no charge for cancellation until 24 hours before the delivery of the vehicle. In the event that cancellation is made less than 24 hours or the vehicle can not be delivered due to non-compliance with the terms of rental, the vehicle (1) will be charged with the daily rental fee.
Cancellation notices must be made in writing to info@akmcarrental.com.

The lease contract will be signed during the lease. You can call our call center for detailed information.
Although not a frequent practice, the selected vehicle brand and model you have made may be replaced with an equivalent vehicle.

Although all the measures have been taken to ensure that your journeys are not encountered, call the contact phones that will be notified to you in case of need.

After you make a reservation, you will be contacted by our booking department or you will receive an e-mail. You can pay your payment by credit card or in cash while you take delivery of the vehicle. A pre-provision amounting to $ 1000 may be blocked, depending on the vehicle group you have rented from your credit card, even if cash is paid. DALAMAN AKM RENT ACAR can be refunded and can cancel the delivery of the vehicle if it is necessary, even if it is definitely booked at the time of delivery.

Reservations that you have made from our site are valid if you have read and accepted the "Car Rental Conditions", "Price Conditions" and "Site Terms of Use".

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